Scrub Care

We all want to have our clothes last us for more than a few washes. To this end, we compiled a short list of recommended washing instructions that we hope will help.

Oh, and don't forget to try on your scrubs before washing the garments, just in case!

1. Wash your new scrubs prior to wearing. This prevents pilling and discoloration.

2. Wash scrubs inside out. This is supposed to retain the color dye longer.

3. When washing scrubs, especially if they have cotton, wash in cold water.

4. Leave your scrubs in the dryer for only about 5-10 minutes.

5. Hang up your scrubs immediately after taking them out of the dryer; this will minimize, and in some cases (performance fabrics) even eliminate wrinkles.

6. Do not use dryer sheets! Dryer sheets may cause oil stains in your scrubs.

Remember that the more you wear and wash a set of scrubs, the sooner it will wear out. It is recommended that you have at least five sets of scrubs for five days a week.